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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what types of cases may the JED® be applied?
The JED® may be used any time sedation is provided and the patient is in the supine position.  The device has application during Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), but can be used in any situation where the airway can become compromised.

2. What size patient can you use the JED® on?
The JED® has been applied on patients approximately age 6 up to 400+ lbs.  As long as the mandible cups can be placed beneath the angle of the mandible, the JED® may be used to assist the provider in maintaining an airway.

3. Is the JED® reusable?
The Head Support and Arms are reusable.  The Mandible Cups are Single Use only.  The Mandible Cups are discarded after each patient use.  If the Head Support or Arms have become soiled, clean them following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Can the JED® be cleaned in an autoclave or Steris?
No.  The JED® should not be cleaned in either an autoclave or Steris.  Cleaning directions can be found on the bottom of your JED®.

5. Can the JED® be used in the lateral position?
No, the JED® may only be used when the patient is supine.

6. Can the JED® be used in an MRI?
The JED® is MRI compatible.

7. Has the JED® been approved by the FDA?
The JED® is registered with the FDA.

8. Have there been any studies showing that the JED® works?
Several clinical studies and publications have shown the efficacy of the JED®.

9. How long will the JED® last?
The Mandible Cups are Single Use only and should be discarded after each use.  Replacement Arms for the JED® are available if needed, contact us.  The JED® is warranted 90 days.  With frequent use the JED® is anticipated to last over 2000 adjustments.

It is our business is to meet all your JED® needs!  Please contact us if you have any questions about this product, its use and / or are interested in receiving product training.